Sound Healing at Ojo de Liebre Spa

Treat the special women in your life to an exclusive Sound Healing session at Ojo de Liebre Spa this May. Immerse her in a private sanctuary where enchanting, custom-made melodies intertwine with her inner being, engaging mind, body and spirit in a symphony of wellness.

Sound therapy is designed to soothe physical discomfort, relieve emotional stress, and clear mental imbalances, fostering a holistic healing journey. By harmonizing circulation, releasing tension and balancing energy, you will emerge with a rejuvenated mind and a liberated body.

This sound healing session is an exquisite experience for mothers and daughters who wish to align their intentions, harmonize their energy and resonate on the same frequency. Celebrate the bond of love and the strength of womanhood with this exceptional offering at Ojo de Liebre Spa.

  • Appointment required
  • $150 USD Tax Included

Kermes Mexicana Brunch

Immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of Mexico at Solaz's exclusive "Kermes Mexicana Brunch" this Sunday, May 28th at Plaza Solaz. This is not your typical brunch; it is a celebration of culture, cuisine and creativity!

Sway to the rhythm of live mariachi music and savor the symphony of flavors in our extravagant brunch spread while participating in traditional Mexican "loteria" games. But the festivities don't end here.

For a unique twist, we present a curated local arts and crafts market. While you indulge in our brunch offerings and enjoy the festivities, you'll have the opportunity to wander through a vibrant display of local artistry.

From captivating artwork to handmade clothing and unique curios, local artists will be on hand to showcase and sell their masterpieces. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the richness of Mexican culture and take home a tangible piece of that heritage.

Join us for an unforgettable day of gastronomic delights, traditional games, captivating music and artistic exploration. Experience the essence of Mexico through Solaz.

  • Sunday, May 28th
  • $2,600 MXN per person taxes included
  • Children 5 - 12 $800 MXN taxes included